xghajra village

Xghajra – my home in Malta

Our love for Xgħajra started before we moved here. When we used to rent an apartment in the nearby town, Zabbar, Xgħajra was for us the place to go for a nice walk with a dog or some jogging. This tiny village won our hearts for multiple reasons. First of all, it’s very quiet, calm […]

Yes, you can dance! No need for talent.

Do you have two left feet? Perfect, let me tell you something – you can dance! I am a dance teacher of Brazilian Zouk, Bachata, and Kizomba in Malta, with an academic background in training, physiology and psychology. And I think there are a few things to say about learning dancing, especially learning as an […]


Happiness and Eudaimonia

Happiness According to Wikipedia, the word happiness is used in the context of mental or emotional state. What we know about happiness was influenced by many different religions, philosophers, and psychologists, and it’s rather confusing information. When scrolling further Wikipedia page I came across even weirder man-made creations as ‘negative effects of happiness’… what does […]

Why am I living in Malta? PROS

Part 1 of the vast topic – Why am I living in Malta. Here focusing only on the pros, the positive side of living here. The negative side with a list of cons you can find in a separate post!    I believe there is no ideal place on Earth where all life aspects would […]

DIY Mesh bags

Multi-purpose mesh bags DIY

This is a very little but mighty project of mine. I am using my DIY veggie bag every time I go shopping. It follows the principles of recycling, reusing, repurposing, and helps reduce plastic use. All the best outcomes of DIY. Let’s see how I made my multi-purpose DIY bags.     Before getting into […]

My shoe rack revamp – DIY

I decided to do a shoe rack revamp! Sometimes I had a need to buy things just out of urgency, like when I needed something just to store my shoes. Back then I didn’t think of any particular style. Now I wished this shoe rack was matching my new home a bit better. Instead of […]

When you ask me about Brazilian Zouk…

The word ‘dance’ is not enough to describe Brazilian Zouk, because it is so much more than just a dance. Zouk is a journey, both in and out of yourself. It’s losing and discovering yourself again. It’s connecting with your mind, your body, with others, with space, with sound, and with the presence… However, it does take time […]

Dancing is like meditation

Improve The Quality of The Dance

Under this topic, I would like to talk about something incredibly important. About something that covers the subject not only about our performance in dancing but in general, our whole life. I want to talk about how to improve the quality of the dance with your partner. Especially useful if you are into Kizomba, Bachata, […]