DIY branch chandelier with edison bulbs

DIY branch chandelier

I love the idea of mixing natural, raw woods in home design. I decided to make this DIY branch chandelier way before we moved into our new apartment and at the same time, it was one of the biggest projects so far. Making this lamp was time-consuming but very satisfying.   Resources To make this […]

DIY bench for a tiny balcony

This is our front balcony, or I should rather say – a mini version of a balcony. We are still happy because at least it exists and it would be much sadder with only a window! As you can see in the picture below, the balcony is used to store and connect gas bottles. We […]

curtains before and after

My DIY Curtains and blue tassels

I’m incredibly happy that after almost a year of waiting for the property, we finally moved in.  I will write more about it later on as today I would like to focus on one topic: CURTAINS! And how I decided to DIY curtains for my living room. When I’ve seen this place curtains were one […]

DIY Mesh bags

Multi-purpose mesh bags DIY

This is a very little but mighty project of mine. I am using my DIY veggie bag every time I go shopping. It follows the principles of recycling, reusing, repurposing, and helps reduce plastic use. All the best outcomes of DIY. Let’s see how I made my multi-purpose DIY bags.     Before getting into […]

My shoe rack revamp – DIY

I decided to do a shoe rack revamp! Sometimes I had a need to buy things just out of urgency, like when I needed something just to store my shoes. Back then I didn’t think of any particular style. Now I wished this shoe rack was matching my new home a bit better. Instead of […]