Crop Top DIY corset

Sewing a bustier from old suit trousers

A nice bustier is a timeless piece. I remember my mum having one when I was a little girl. Now I wanted my own, me-made. I decided to sew a bustier from old suit trousers.

Textile – repurposing old suit trousers

I decided to sacrifice for this experiment my fiance’s old suit trousers. I believe he had them in the wardrobe since 3rd grade so it’s about time they find a new purpose. I am in love with black suede and I thought this will make a perfect bralette.

Pattern – Etsy

I bought a bustier pattern from Etsy for around 5 euros. So if you ever decide to make it yourself you can find it there together with the instructions. I had to amend it a little bit, as the size of the chest and the cup size are pretty standard for the pattern, and what I needed is to reduce the cup size.


I used almost entire pants to cut out all the pieces!

Sewing – beginner/intermediate level

I followed instructions from the Etsy pattern to join all pieces together which took me around 4 hours! Yes, sometimes I had to redo things!

I installed a zipper on the side and the bustier was ready!

The end result of my bustier

I am pretty happy with the outcome. It is not yet top-notch seam quality but good enough to be able to wear it this summer! What do you think?


crop top diy corset

crop top diy corset

crop top diy corset


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