organizing small washroom

Organizing small washroom

This topic is so exciting for me! I just love the challenge of making use of the small space and trying to optimize it as much as possible. Apart from our mini balcony, another tiny space is a washroom, and I decided to organise it.

Our washroom is pretty small, just above 2 square meters. We bought our property fully furnished, and in the washroom, we had in very good condition freezer and washing machine/dryer. We had already there 4 shelves: 2 big ones at the back, two long ones just below the ceiling and a small shelf above the washing machine. That was already a great starting point!

small washroom model

Planning my washroom organization

Before organising it I had to ask myself what I will need to store in our washroom:

  • Ironing board and iron.
  • Gym stuff (yoga matt, straps, blocks).
  • Luggage and travelling bags.
  • Dog food and accessories.
  • Brums, brushes, buckets and mop.
  • Hoover.
  • Shopping Bags.
  • Washing and cleaning liquids.
  • Cleaning cloths.
  • Spare bulbs and batteries.
  • Water and soft drinks.
  • My sewing mannequin.
  • Beach towels and swimming accessories.
  • Spare boxes after purchasing some items.


Adding extra shelves

It is a rather long list so to accommodate more room in this tiny space I decided to install more shelving. First I pushed the washing machine and freezer as far as I could towards the end of the room. I added a set of simple wooden shelves on the side and a small shelve extender from the JB store.


Storing things on the wall

To maximize usage of this small space I decided to store as many things on the wall as I can, especially items that can stay flat and not obstruct the way. I installed a simple hook to hang the ironing board on the wall and pegboard from Ikea.



Storing smaller items in boxes

I invested in some boxes and baskets to store items like cleaning cloths, bulbs, dog food etc.


Use your door as a storage

This is one of the best hacks to save space plus the super comfortable way to store brooms and mops. I ordered this wall adhesive mop hook from Joom.


Adding extra touch

Shelves from bottom to the ceiling


To summarise the best tips that helped me to maximise this small space:

  • Getting shelves from the bottom to the ceiling
  • Hanging items on the wall directly
  • Storing small items in the boxes and baskets
  • Storing brooms and mops hung on the door

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