Towel DIY kitchen hanger

Making easy kitchen hanger

So I decided to make myself an easy kitchen hanger to put on towels and maybe other utensils. I always liked the idea of mixing wood with metal and I definitely wanted it to match the other elements in the kitchen. This was quite an easy project where I reused a metal pipe and some wooden scraps that I already had in stock.

Cutting wood

The first step was to cut a long flat piece as a base for my hanger that will be attached to the kitchen island, and two smaller pieces that will be holding the pipe.


I cut out the pieces using a jigsaw rounded from one side and drilled the holes for the pipe to pass through. After all the pieces were cut I sanded them down with an electric sander.


Staining wood

The next step was to use the wood stain to give this piece desired shade that will be matching my kitchen shelves.



Cutting metal pipe

A few projects ago when I was installing the window treatments I bought a large metal pipe.  I was able to use an over left piece from that project to make this hanger. I fitted the pipe through the holes to measure where I need to cut it with the multitool.


Glueing pieces together

After the pipe was in place it was time to glue the ends of the wood together with the longer plank. I used gorilla glue for wood and added some small nails for extra support.


I bought minimalistic curtain rod ends which will be stopping the pipe in place. The rod ends I bought from Homemate.



I mounted the hanger using two screws directly to the kitchen island.


My easy kitchen hanger is ready

This project took me a just few hours and was relatively easy to do! What do you think of this small idea?


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