How I sized down large skirt

How I sized down large skirt

Have you ever stumbled upon a piece of clothing that you absolutely loved, only to find that it was a size or two too big? Well, I recently found myself in this predicament with a stunning skirt that I just couldn’t resist. Rather than letting it languish in my closet, I decided to take matters into my own hands and embark on a journey to resize it – and the results were nothing short of fantastic!

During a Saturday walk with my friend, I found at Mark and Spencer this nice foxy skirt on sale. Lately, I am in love with skirts and they started to create a big part of my wardrobe. It’s just something that is super comfortable, but very womanly and stylish. It can be styled with a simple tee, oversized jumper, or coat. I really liked that skirt but it was way too big, however, the colour was so lovely that I decided to buy it anyway and size it down.

This is how the skirt looks on a model—>


You can see how much bigger was a skirt comparing it with my pair of joggers.

sizing down large skirt

Cutting to reduce the size

After taking measures of how much smaller my skirt needs to be, instead of cutting immediately, I spent some time with a seam ripper to release the pockets and the waistband. This way I can reuse them and have a cleaner finish.

After my pieces were apart, I cut off from both sides the excess of the waistband and a little bit of side textile. I left around 1 inch extra for the seam.

Sewing back parts of the skirt

I sew in the pockets back again and seemed sides together.

sizing down large skirt

I finished the sides leaving nice side cuts as it was originally.

Adding an extra touch – belt loops

I love to wear skirts with a belt, so I decided to make belt loops from the remaining fabric. I used the leftover from the waistband to cut and fold to create the perfect belt loop.

I decided to add them already after sewing back the waistband, so I only ripped little holes in the waistband to slide in the loops and sew them in place.


My sized down skirt is ready

This project took me around 2-3 hours as I was trying to figure out how to assemble it back again, but hey, I made it!

What do you think of this idea?


Ready Skirt 2



Sized Downed Skirt Ready



Sized down skirt 3

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