Towel DIY kitchen hanger

Making easy kitchen hanger

So I decided to make myself an easy kitchen hanger to put on towels and maybe other utensils. I always liked the idea of mixing wood with metal and I definitely wanted it to match the other elements in the kitchen. This was quite an easy project where I reused a metal pipe and some […]

DIY kitchen trolley

Building easy DIY kitchen trolley

Kitchen trolleys are super practical and smart to use and there is quite a big choice to get them ready from different shops. However, I had very specific requirements for my trolley, as I wanted it to be slim, yet tall and made of wood and metal to match the rest of the kitchen. I […]

DIY ceiling shelves

Ceiling hanging shelves

I really love the idea of ceiling-hanging shelves. It just seems super practical, space-saving, and stylish piece. A piece that I thought would be perfect to have above our kitchen island. Originally I just wanted to buy it. Unfortunately, no shop offered such items. Then I decided to get someone who is a welder to […]

redesign open space before and after

Our open space redesign

Yes, we bought an apartment and we are both super happy about it! It’s been over 7 months since we moved in and I think we changed already so many things around. Today I would like to tackle the topic as a whole – our open space redesign. Our open space has many functions: kitchen, […]

DIY branch chandelier with edison bulbs

DIY branch chandelier

I love the idea of mixing natural, raw woods in home design. I decided to make this DIY branch chandelier way before we moved into our new apartment and at the same time, it was one of the biggest projects so far. Making this lamp was time-consuming but very satisfying.   Resources To make this […]

Mu DIY coffee table

Easy coffee table DIY

It is a great selection of coffee tables out there, I know. However, we had a very specific expectation of what the ideal coffee table for our space would be. Our living room space is quite limited because the sofa itself is bulky. Another factor is as it’s a passageway to the small balcony. I […]

diy long minimalistic desk

DIY minimalistic long desk

We have a really wide corridor, and I decided to use this space and accommodate my own area where I can work. This decision meant that I got to build my own desk! The previous owner had his desk as well in here. Although it looked a bit small in that space and I really […]

DIY bench for a tiny balcony

This is our front balcony, or I should rather say – a mini version of a balcony. We are still happy because at least it exists and it would be much sadder with only a window! As you can see in the picture below, the balcony is used to store and connect gas bottles. We […]