easy painting Australia

Gift for Australia lover – painting

I really like the idea of handmade gifts, and when I needed a gift for a person who is a huge Australia-lover, I thought of making something in that direction. Creating a set of paintings with an Australian theme seemed to be a good idea. I am no pro regarding painting but I think I […]

my paintings

Simple paintings for your home

Having paintings around the house is definitely something that livens up the space and makes it more cohesive. I believe you don’t need to be a professional painter to create something special for your place and here are a few examples of my creations.   Set of blue abstracts Before we even moved to our […]

Repainting ceiling fan

Painting ceiling fan

My dear friend Bea bought a fully furnished apartment as well. In one of the spare bedrooms, she had a golden ceiling fan which she really disliked and wanted to get rid of it. When I saw it, I had a thought as it would go nicely with coastal style in our apartment. And that […]

redesign open space before and after

Our open space redesign

Yes, we bought an apartment and we are both super happy about it! It’s been over 7 months since we moved in and I think we changed already so many things around. Today I would like to tackle the topic as a whole – our open space redesign. Our open space has many functions: kitchen, […]

flip revamp of chest of drawers

Chest of drawers revamp

How did we come to the chest of drawers revamp… Once upon a time, we were renting an apartment and we were in massive need of additional storage for our clothes. I found a perfect candidate on a Facebook group called Recycling Malta. It is a group where people are getting rid of unwanted items, […]

Havsta ikea diy upgrade painting

Ikea HAVSTA cupboard revamp

Our new apartments starts to take up the right shape. I wanted to get some wooden cupboard to place it in the dining area. This nice cabinet I found on the Ikea website and ordered it via Megastore. The nice thing about Ikea’s products is that they are quite plain, which allows to play with […]

DIY ombre shoe cupboard

DIY shoe cupboard upgrade

We were still unpacking freshly after moving in when we found this lonely piece of furniture standing on the floor in the spare bedroom. We didn’t have enough storage for our shoes so it was an impulse to use it by the entrance. And I knew this is the time to DIY and upgrade this […]

DIY pendant lamps – glass painting

I kept building my Pinterest inspiration board already a year before we moved into our new apartment. I totally fall in love with the idea of having sea-blue pendant lights around my home. The ideal spot was the corridor, previously with two flower classic style ceiling lamps. I calculated as I would like to add […]

My shoe rack revamp – DIY

I decided to do a shoe rack revamp! Sometimes I had a need to buy things just out of urgency, like when I needed something just to store my shoes. Back then I didn’t think of any particular style. Now I wished this shoe rack was matching my new home a bit better. Instead of […]