basic maltese phrases and vocabulary

Bongu Malta – basics of the Maltese phrases and vocabulary

While Malta proudly holds a bilingual status, true immersion and genuine interactions with the locals often come from a basic understanding of Maltese. This language, deeply rooted in history and blended with influences from different cultures, offers an unparalleled linguistic journey. For travelers and language aficionados eager to delve into Malta’s effervescent culture, a foundation […]

Colorful doors in malta

Why doors in Malta are colorful

As I set foot on the sunny shores of Malta, my eyes were immediately captivated by an unexpected spectacle of architectural vibrancy. Coming from central/eastern Europe, I was accustomed to the rather boring palette of whites, greys, and the occasional red brick dominating the buildings—a stark contrast to what I’ve seen after arriving here. Malta, […]

in love dancing

Is this love or just a dance?

The topic, which I would like to discuss today, is very sensitive and close to my heart at the same time. I believe anyone who’s been on the dancefloor in social dances had experienced it or at least thought of it. Social dancing, like Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Zouk bring people closer together. It’s an […]

xghajra village

Xghajra – my home in Malta

Our love for Xgħajra started before we moved here. When we used to rent an apartment in the nearby town, Zabbar, Xgħajra was for us the place to go for a nice walk with a dog or some jogging. This tiny village won our hearts for multiple reasons. First of all, it’s very quiet, calm […]

10 hacks for your home

10 useful tricks and hacks for your home

Today I want to propose my own 10 tips, tricks, and hacks that I found super useful and applied at my own home. Everyone has their own way and personal preferences, but maybe some of my solutions can be found useful! 1. Use vertical space in your kitchen. To maximize used space in my apartment […]

redesign open space before and after

Our open space redesign

Yes, we bought an apartment and we are both super happy about it! It’s been over 7 months since we moved in and I think we changed already so many things around. Today I would like to tackle the topic as a whole – our open space redesign. Our open space has many functions: kitchen, […]

Green Malta – walk in Mizieb

Sometimes I hear my friends and colleagues complaining about Malta not being green enough, not having enough trees, and lacking places to go for a walk in nature. Compared to other countries Malta is not the greenest and probably massive factor is hot summer and no natural rivers to sustain the greenery. However, there are […]

cons of living in Malta

CONS of living in Malta

Part 2 of the vast topic – Why am I living in Malta. Here focusing only on cons, the negative side of living here. Yet not big enough to overbalance my pros, which you can find in a separate post!  I believe there is no ideal place on Earth where all life aspects would fall […]

Ikea to Malta

Where to buy IKEA in Malta?

Who doesn’t love shopping at Ikea? That’s one of the best goods exported from Sweden just after Fika and Rekorderling cider! We don’t have our own Ikea store on the island, but there are some companies out there who are offering to ship Ikea products from other counties. So far I’ve been always using Megastore, […]

Why am I living in Malta? PROS

Part 1 of the vast topic – Why am I living in Malta. Here focusing only on the pros, the positive side of living here. The negative side with a list of cons you can find in a separate post!    I believe there is no ideal place on Earth where all life aspects would […]