easy painting Australia

Gift for Australia lover – painting

I really like the idea of handmade gifts, and when I needed a gift for a person who is a huge Australia-lover, I thought of making something in that direction. Creating a set of paintings with an Australian theme seemed to be a good idea. I am no pro regarding painting but I think I […]

my paintings

Simple paintings for your home

Having paintings around the house is definitely something that livens up the space and makes it more cohesive. I believe you don’t need to be a professional painter to create something special for your place and here are a few examples of my creations.   Set of blue abstracts Before we even moved to our […]

Towel DIY kitchen hanger

Making easy kitchen hanger

So I decided to make myself an easy kitchen hanger to put on towels and maybe other utensils. I always liked the idea of mixing wood with metal and I definitely wanted it to match the other elements in the kitchen. This was quite an easy project where I reused a metal pipe and some […]

10 christmas decor diy ideas

Best DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas time is a perfect time for your own DIY decor. I hope checking these best 10 Christmas decor ideas will make you wanna do something by yourself! This year I keep my home decor free but I will try them out definitely next year!   1. Easy and simple Christmas bouquet link 2. Wall […]