DIY kitchen trolley

Building easy DIY kitchen trolley

Kitchen trolleys are super practical and smart to use and there is quite a big choice to get them ready from different shops. However, I had very specific requirements for my trolley, as I wanted it to be slim, yet tall and made of wood and metal to match the rest of the kitchen. I decided to build a simple trolley by myself using cheap materials and some over-lefts from my garage. It was time-consuming but relatively easy DIY.


Materials needed for DIY

I decided to buy cheap wood from the nearby store (Kenneth HS) as they could cut for me pieces to the length I needed. I wanted to make in total 4 shelves (for one shelf I used the scrap piece I already had) and the surrounding wall around each shelf.

For the trolley skeleton, I used aluminium shelving pieces that I already had from Ikea, this is something you can get from the metal store for a probably even cheaper price.

Since it’s a trolley I needed some sort of wheels to mount, and luckily I had some already at home.


Cutting pieces

The first step was to cut the flat, angled, metal bars to the length I needed. To estimate the length I had to add the height of wheels to see how tall my cart would be. I used my Bosh multitool with the metal end piece to cut it and sanded the rough edge with the metal sander.

I cut all pieces of wood to the same length plus 8 shorter pieces for the surrounding parts.


To get the width I wanted I combined two different pieces of wood, which I will be glueing later on.


Next step

The wood I had wasn’t perfect, so I filled up with wood filler the defects.

I installed using screws all of the wheels on the bottom shelf, which was the only one I made from the wood piece I already had in my garage. This was a super easy and satisfying step.

The remaining shelves I had to glue combining together two different width pieces. I used Gorilla wood glue and clamp the pieces together for around 3 hours.

In the below picture, I was making sure the pieces that will be used as a shelf surrounding are matching the size I need.



Sanding, staining and painting

Once all wooden pieces were cut to the perfect size and glued, I sanded them down using fine sandpaper. To give them a nice colour I used Blackfriar wood stain in n antique pine shade.


Painting with Dulux Trade wood varnish two coats was to increase damage and cleaning resistance as well as to add a smoother finish and close the wooden pores. After all of the wood was dry I used once again very fine sandpaper to give extra smoothness.


Metal parts I wanted to be black matte just as the other metal elements in our kitchen. I spray painted them with Hammerite black paint, applying 3 thin coats.


Putting pieces together

Now was the time to drill holes in the metal bars for the shelves and screw them in place using 2 short screws on each corner.


After installing all shelves I needed to screw in place the surrounding borders for the shelf. To make sure they are all installed at the same height I placed a piece of wood underneath. In addition, I used a bit of wood glue in the corners to make sure they are well connected.

I used two round wooden pieces as trolley handles. I sanded them down and stained them just like the other wooden pieces.


My easy DIY kitchen trolley is ready

It was a great idea to make it by myself. I am totally in love with my new kitchen trolley. It is not perfect, as it would be coming from the store. The pipe already had some predrilled holes which I didn’t need and they are still showing. The screws I pained black to make them less visible and it made a great difference to the overall look!


I am very happy with the outcome! I think it’s an easy and cheap project, especially if you have specific requirements for the trolley. Tell me what do you think of the outcome?

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