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    • 8 Tips for great dance connection
      Social dancing is a dialogue between two people. The conversation only makes sense if both parties are listening and both can share their thoughts. If only one part speaks it becomes a monologue. In social dancing, we focus on dialogue and monologues are left for the solo dances and the performances. Lead and follow is […]
    • Is this love or just a dance?
      The topic, which I would like to discuss today, is very sensitive and close to my heart at the same time. I believe anyone who’s been on the dancefloor in social dances had experienced it or at least thought of it. Social dancing, like Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Zouk bring people closer together. It’s an […]
    • Upcycling old jeans
      Yes, finally I got into upcycling old jeans! I had a massive pile of denim, which wasn’t good enough to give to the charity shop, yet I felt like it was still worth keeping it and doing something creative out of it. My excitement for this project was big, as it combines so many things […]
    • Sewing a flowy shirt
      Sewing a flowy shirt was quite fast and easy.  I bought a beautiful piece of fabric from JB Store sales, light and flowy in this gorgeous pink shade. It was necessary to create something out of it! When browsing, my latest favourite, Pinterest, I stumbled upon this free sewing pattern by The Thread. What I […]
    • Sewing simple pinafore dress
      Let’s start from the statement that my sewing is a result of the pandemic and I am no professional, so all you will see here, please keep that in your mind. The most important thing that I learned from sewing, as I already mentioned before, is that a key is patience and the seam ripper […]
    • Gift for Australia lover – painting
      I really like the idea of handmade gifts, and when I needed a gift for a person who is a huge Australia-lover, I thought of making something in that direction. Creating a set of paintings with an Australian theme seemed to be a good idea. I am no pro regarding painting but I think I […]
    • Sewing vintage set – skirt and bralette
      Let’s start from the statement that my sewing is a result of the pandemic and I am no professional, so all you will see here, please keep that in your mind. The most important thing that I learned from sewing is that a key is patience and the seam ripper is my biggest friend! It […]
    • Simple paintings for your home
      Having paintings around the house is definitely something that livens up the space and makes it more cohesive. I believe you don’t need to be a professional painter to create something special for your place and here are a few examples of my creations.   Set of blue abstracts Before we even moved to our […]
    • Organizing small washroom
      This topic is so exciting for me! I just love the challenge of making use of the small space and trying to optimize it as much as possible. Apart from our mini balcony, another tiny space is a washroom, and I decided to organise it. Our washroom is pretty small, just above 2 square meters. […]
    • Making easy kitchen hanger
      So I decided to make myself an easy kitchen hanger to put on towels and maybe other utensils. I always liked the idea of mixing wood with metal and I definitely wanted it to match the other elements in the kitchen. This was quite an easy project where I reused a metal pipe and some […]
    • Building easy DIY kitchen trolley
      Kitchen trolleys are super practical and smart to use and there is quite a big choice to get them ready from different shops. However, I had very specific requirements for my trolley, as I wanted it to be slim, yet tall and made of wood and metal to match the rest of the kitchen. I […]
    • Xghajra – my home in Malta
      Our love for Xgħajra started before we moved here. When we used to rent an apartment in the nearby town, Zabbar, Xgħajra was for us the place to go for a nice walk with a dog or some jogging. This tiny village won our hearts for multiple reasons. First of all, it’s very quiet, calm […]
    • Painting ceiling fan
      My dear friend Bea bought a fully furnished apartment as well. In one of the spare bedrooms, she had a golden ceiling fan which she really disliked and wanted to get rid of it. When I saw it, I had a thought as it would go nicely with coastal style in our apartment. And that […]
    • 10 useful tricks and hacks for your home
      Today I want to propose my own 10 tips, tricks, and hacks that I found super useful and applied at my own home. Everyone has their own way and personal preferences, but maybe some of my solutions can be found useful! 1. Use vertical space in your kitchen. To maximize used space in my apartment […]
    • Best DIY Christmas Decor Ideas
      Christmas time is a perfect time for your own DIY decor. I hope checking these best 10 Christmas decor ideas will make you wanna do something by yourself! This year I keep my home decor free but I will try them out definitely next year!   1. Easy and simple Christmas bouquet link 2. Wall […]
    • Ceiling hanging shelves
      I really love the idea of ceiling-hanging shelves. It just seems super practical, space-saving, and stylish piece. A piece that I thought would be perfect to have above our kitchen island. Originally I just wanted to buy it. Unfortunately, no shop offered such items. Then I decided to get someone who is a welder to […]
    • Our open space redesign
      Yes, we bought an apartment and we are both super happy about it! It’s been over 7 months since we moved in and I think we changed already so many things around. Today I would like to tackle the topic as a whole – our open space redesign. Our open space has many functions: kitchen, […]
    • Chest of drawers revamp
      How did we come to the chest of drawers revamp… Once upon a time, we were renting an apartment and we were in massive need of additional storage for our clothes. I found a perfect candidate on a Facebook group called Recycling Malta. It is a group where people are getting rid of unwanted items, […]
    • DIY branch chandelier
      I love the idea of mixing natural, raw woods in home design. I decided to make this DIY branch chandelier way before we moved into our new apartment and at the same time, it was one of the biggest projects so far. Making this lamp was time-consuming but very satisfying.   Resources To make this […]
    • Green Malta – walk in Mizieb
      Sometimes I hear my friends and colleagues complaining about Malta not being green enough, not having enough trees, and lacking places to go for a walk in nature. Compared to other countries Malta is not the greenest and probably massive factor is hot summer and no natural rivers to sustain the greenery. However, there are […]
    • CONS of living in Malta
      Part 2 of the vast topic – Why am I living in Malta. Here focusing only on cons, the negative side of living here. Yet not big enough to overbalance my pros, which you can find in a separate post!  I believe there is no ideal place on Earth where all life aspects would fall […]
    • Easy coffee table DIY
      It is a great selection of coffee tables out there, I know. However, we had a very specific expectation of what the ideal coffee table for our space would be. Our living room space is quite limited because the sofa itself is bulky. Another factor is as it’s a passageway to the small balcony. I […]
    • DIY minimalistic long desk
      We have a really wide corridor, and I decided to use this space and accommodate my own area where I can work. This decision meant that I got to build my own desk! The previous owner had his desk as well in here. Although it looked a bit small in that space and I really […]
    • Yes, you can dance! No need for talent.
      Do you have two left feet? Perfect, let me tell you something – you can dance! I am a dance teacher of Brazilian Zouk, Bachata, and Kizomba in Malta, with an academic background in training, physiology and psychology. And I think there are a few things to say about learning dancing, especially learning as an […]
    • Ikea HAVSTA cupboard revamp
      Our new apartments starts to take up the right shape. I wanted to get some wooden cupboard to place it in the dining area. This nice cabinet I found on the Ikea website and ordered it via Megastore. The nice thing about Ikea’s products is that they are quite plain, which allows to play with […]
    • DIY shoe cupboard upgrade
      We were still unpacking freshly after moving in when we found this lonely piece of furniture standing on the floor in the spare bedroom. We didn’t have enough storage for our shoes so it was an impulse to use it by the entrance. And I knew this is the time to DIY and upgrade this […]
    • DIY pendant lamps – glass painting
      I kept building my Pinterest inspiration board already a year before we moved into our new apartment. I totally fall in love with the idea of having sea-blue pendant lights around my home. The ideal spot was the corridor, previously with two flower classic style ceiling lamps. I calculated as I would like to add […]
    • DIY bench for a tiny balcony
      This is our front balcony, or I should rather say – a mini version of a balcony. We are still happy because at least it exists and it would be much sadder with only a window! As you can see in the picture below, the balcony is used to store and connect gas bottles. We […]
    • My DIY Curtains and blue tassels
      I’m incredibly happy that after almost a year of waiting for the property, we finally moved in.  I will write more about it later on as today I would like to focus on one topic: CURTAINS! And how I decided to DIY curtains for my living room. When I’ve seen this place curtains were one […]
    • Where to buy IKEA in Malta?
      Who doesn’t love shopping at Ikea? That’s one of the best goods exported from Sweden just after Fika and Rekorderling cider! We don’t have our own Ikea store on the island, but there are some companies out there who are offering to ship Ikea products from other counties. So far I’ve been always using Megastore, […]
    • Happiness and Eudaimonia
      Happiness According to Wikipedia, the word happiness is used in the context of mental or emotional state. What we know about happiness was influenced by many different religions, philosophers, and psychologists, and it’s rather confusing information. When scrolling further Wikipedia page I came across even weirder man-made creations as ‘negative effects of happiness’… what does […]
    • Why am I living in Malta? PROS
      Part 1 of the vast topic – Why am I living in Malta. Here focusing only on the pros, the positive side of living here. The negative side with a list of cons you can find in a separate post!    I believe there is no ideal place on Earth where all life aspects would […]
    • Multi-purpose mesh bags DIY
      This is a very little but mighty project of mine. I am using my DIY veggie bag every time I go shopping. It follows the principles of recycling, reusing, repurposing, and helps reduce plastic use. All the best outcomes of DIY. Let’s see how I made my multi-purpose DIY bags.     Before getting into […]
    • My shoe rack revamp – DIY
      I decided to do a shoe rack revamp! Sometimes I had a need to buy things just out of urgency, like when I needed something just to store my shoes. Back then I didn’t think of any particular style. Now I wished this shoe rack was matching my new home a bit better. Instead of […]
    • When you ask me about Brazilian Zouk…
      The word ‘dance’ is not enough to describe Brazilian Zouk, because it is so much more than just a dance. Zouk is a journey, both in and out of yourself. It’s losing and discovering yourself again. It’s connecting with your mind, your body, with others, with space, with sound, and with the presence… However, it does take time […]
    • Improve The Quality of The Dance
      Under this topic, I would like to talk about something incredibly important. About something that covers the subject not only about our performance in dancing but in general, our whole life. I want to talk about how to improve the quality of the dance with your partner. Especially useful if you are into Kizomba, Bachata, […]