About Crafty in Malta

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Hi! I am Matylda

I’m eager to share my love for various crafts, along with my life experiences, thoughts, and all the other creations that come from my mind.

I’m a dedicated Brazilian Zouk dancer and teacher, and I consider myself a modern-day Renaissance woman, always eager to dabble in a bit of everything: woodworking, organizing, painting, DIY projects, sewing, and traveling…

Since 2016, I’ve been living on the sunny island of Malta, fully embracing the Mediterranean way of life.


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I’m happy to share with you:



In both my professional and personal life, I wear many hats. I graduated from Medical University with a Master’s in Physiotherapy, with a strong focus on Neuroplasticity. But over the last six years, I’ve discovered a deep passion for Technology and Graphic Design. I’ve worked in various fields, including IT Communications, Web Design, e-Learning Technologies, Applications Management, Instructional Design, and Service Desk Team Coordination. Through all these changes, one thing has remained constant – my love for Graphic Design. My initial interest in the human brain and psychology finds its way into my design. Creating and designing different artworks really gets my heart racing, and I value it greatly.

Check out my Portfolio here.