About Crafty in Malta

Malta dingly cliffs

Hi! I am Maty

I want to share my passion for all kinds of crafts as well as my life experience, thoughts, and all other creations of my mind.

I’m a passionate Brazilian Zouk dancer, teacher, woman of renaissance who loves trying a bit of everything: woodworks, organizing, painting, DIYing, graphic design, sewing, traveling…

Since 2016 living on the sunny island of Malta, enjoying Mediterranean life to the fullest.


crafty in malta crafty maty


I’m happy to share with you:

…because why not?


Former founder of Sensual Motion, the first school teaching Brazilian Zouk in Malta. Passionate dancer and teacher originally from Poland. She gained her knowledge in dance techniques from the best international dance teachers, traveling around Europe. Her main focus are Sensual dances as Brazilian Zouk, Kizomba and Bachata Sensual. Matylda’s rich background made her teaching style very characteristic and unique. Where the passion for dance is mixed with physical education and modern psychology approach. She uses her academical education in art-therapy and music-therapy (gained at Medical University) to make every dance class a special experience. Using substance of biomechanics and physiology of movement for your deep understanding of leading and following energy exchange, and connection. Her philosophy of couple dance is to build the most beautiful conversation between two people, improve body understanding, discover and develop yourself.

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