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8 Tips for great dance connection

Social dancing is a dialogue between two people. The conversation only makes sense if both parties are listening and both can share their thoughts. If only one part speaks it becomes a monologue. In social dancing, we focus on dialogue and monologues are left for the solo dances and the performances.

Lead and follow is so much more than a multitude of combinations and steps piled up together. Unfortunately, this is often a big misconception for many. The name indicates leaders – lead, followers – follow, 1:1, right? Well, yes, however expecting only this from social dancing is killing the very essence of it.


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The responsibility lies on both sides

Leaders. Great leaders are never dictators of their own agenda. Great leaders are great listeners. It is their responsibility to pay attention to the response and suggestions of the follower. Thanks to this, not only does your dancing become more interesting and enjoyable but in addition, you can learn so much by listening to your followers carefully. Yes, leaders are responsible for initial direction and guidance, however limiting their role only to this, would be a big mistake and understatement.

Followers. Often undermined and not fully understood what is their role. Following doesn’t mean blindly answering leaders’ calls. They must at all times actively seek, read and interpret signals coming from the leaders. Their interpretation will vary depending on many aspects, like experience, knowledge, sensitivity, mobility, musicality, flexibility, mental and emotional state and more. Followers too want to express themselves and have a say. Great followers often put out many suggestions and offer a variety of new possibilities. Applying it gently and only when established in their dance-communication mutual dialogue gives the true feeling of conversation. And it’s important to make it clear: I don’t mean the self-leading followers, this would be again a monologue. Followers want to feel connected, listened and considered and it is important to keep that in mind!


8 tips for leaders


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